Fan Content Policy

Last updated: May 28, 2021

We love our Community and it brings us great joy and pride to see what players can and want to do around Futureplay Games’ brands! For example, we’ve provided the Battlelands Royale community with a really cool Futureplay Asset Pack and it’s super exciting to see that a lot of players want to use it to unleash their creativity and show their support to the games. However, some people might go too far and try to convince the Community that their products, services, videos or sites are connected with, endorsed or produced by Futureplay Games. This can lead to players believing in misinformation, buying stuff or even providing personal information on the basis of the content being official. We don't think that's cool.

This Fan Content Policy governs your use of Futureplay Games Oy's ("Futureplay") copyrights and trademarks from all Futureplay Games' titles, including but not limited to Merge Gardens, Farm Masters, Battlelands Royale, Idle Farming Empire, Idle City Empire, Idle Crafting Empire and Idle Tuber Empire, and any other titles that may be released by Futureplay in the future, as well as the usage of any related fan kits provided by us ("Futureplay Assets") for Fan Content purposes. We will not give warnings for violations of this Policy.

Notwithstanding this Policy, we encourage the Community to continue creating great content like gameplay videos and reviews as long as they are made in good faith and not intended to be passed off as content created or endorsed by Futureplay.


Fan Content Purposes only.

Using the Futureplay Assets in Fan Content must be limited to displaying, identifying and discussing only Futureplay’s products as permitted by this Policy. You cannot create new products or content based on Futureplay Assets, such as games based on the Futureplay’s game characters. Permitted Fan Content normally includes for example non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan meetups, fan pages, fan art, fan-created community hubs or servers and gameplay videos as long as they follow this Policy.

Do not monetise.

You are not permitted to charge any kind of fee from customers or visitors to your Fan Content, unless this has expressly been approved by Futureplay. There are two exceptions to this rule: monetization through ads or by donations. If you use ads, they must follow the laws, rules, regulations and developer policies. If you use donations, they must be purely donations in nature and not tied to any special features, in-app purchases, physical items or other benefits of any kind.

Respect the brand.

You cannot create the impression that Futureplay is a creator, endorser, or a sponsor of your Fan Content. You also cannot create any material from the Futureplay Assets that are similar to the logos, trademarks or other elements of Futureplay’s products, brand and services. You cannot modify Futureplay Assets without our permission. You must not maliciously recreate Futureplay’s content in order to deceive players or disrespect our trademarks.

Keep it online.

You are not permitted to use the Futureplay Assets or any other Futureplay property to produce, manufacture or distribute (for free or otherwise) physical items such as T-shirts without a separate written agreement between you and Futureplay.

Keep your story to yourself.

You cannot write, produce or create any novels, theatrical productions or other similar adaptations that include Futureplay’s property without a separate agreement between you and Futureplay.

Add disclaimers.

You must include the following disclaimer (or a very similar unofficiality notice) in a readable font to the end users of the Fan Content: “The content is not related to, sponsored, endorsed, created, or approved by Futureplay Games and they are not responsible for it. For more information, see Futureplay’s Fan Content Policy:”

Fan-made servers, forums, websites, social media pages and other community hubs.

Any fan-made content which involves creating community hubs including but not limited to servers, websites, forums, social media pages or similar which include Futureplay's trademarks (such as FUTUREPLAY GAMES, BATTLELANDS ROYALE, IDLE FARMING EMPIRE, IDLE CITY EMPIRE, IDLE CRAFTING EMPIRE or IDLE TUBER EMPIRE) must make expressly clear in the titles and names of such pages that they are fan-made, unofficial and in no way affiliated with Futureplay Games.


Developer policies and agreements.

It’s extremely important that you always respect the rules of the platform or channel you share your Fan Content on. You must always follow developer policies and agreements in force from time to time.

Our use of your Fan Content.

We reserve the right to use, improve or modify your Fan Content without compensation in any manner we consider reasonable. This could mean for example reposting it in our online social channels, using it for our marketing purposes or in our games.

Unpublished content and feedback.

You need to keep any information you’ve received from us regarding unpublished content to yourself and not reveal it to anyone else in any form. If you’ve given us any form of feedback or suggestions regarding our games or otherwise, you understand that we can use it without further compensation or other obligations to you.

We reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we allow and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason without a warning.

This Policy is part of the Futureplay Terms of Service, and they may be modified at any time without express written notice. When using Futureplay Assets for Fan Content purposes, you must also abide by the Futureplay Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). Should it arise that a term in the Futureplay Terms of Service conflicts with this Policy, then this Policy always takes precedence in issues related to Fan Content.