What we do

A new era of mobile gaming is upon us and we passionately believe we can create the future of games for new and old players alike. We are set to build the next big delightful and engaging experiences for the new generation of gamers on both phones and tablets.

Our focus is on creating a new category of “view-to-play” games – broadly accessible gameplay with a natural integration and rewarding ad-based monetization. We believe in F2P and ads – both done right can be great, you will see. We want to develop fast and have fun launching multiple games per year and not work multiple years per game.

Who we are

Futureplay, founded in 2015 by a group of professionals with 60+ years of total experience from the gaming industry and from companies such as EA, Rovio, Remedy, Boomlagoon and Reaktor are set to build the new future foundation and standard for mobile games.

Kai Auvinen

- Co-Founder

Kai is the Artist and a veteran of the Finnish games industry. At Digital Chocolate he was the Art Director in a huge number of its early mobile gaming success.

Most recently, he was the VP Games & Executive Producer at Remedy Entertainment and in charge of pushing the boundaries with Quantum Break and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Kai makes the best smoothies. The blueberry is a classic!

Tuomas Huhtanen

- Co-Founder

Tuomas is more than the Server Developer, he is a broad-based software development veteran with more than 10 years of experience as a senior software consultant at leading Finnish software consultant Reaktor.

He has worked with everything from designing microprocessors, client software and massive server and cloud computing systems to launching his own indie mobile games.

Tuomas knows a cup or two about coffee.

Jami Laes

- Co-Founder, CEO

Jami is the Kickstarter, previously he was in charge of Angry Birds and everything else in games as the Executive Vice-President at Rovio Games.

He has been leading global game studios at EA, Playfish and Digital Chocolate. Laes first started in mobile games in 2000 as a game designer at Riot-E and his first games he developed on his Amiga 500 in 1988.

Jami owns almost all Kickstarter rewards. Currently he is eagerly waiting for the new Pebble Steel.

Arttu Mäki

- Co-Founder

Arttu is the Designer at Futureplay Games, over the years he has worked on various games and platforms, ranging from Valve’s Team Fortress 2 on PC to numerous mobile games and leading the entire level design team at Rovio.

Most recently Arttu was working on a collectible card game Monsu as the VP of Design at Boomlagoon.

Unbeatable in video games. Except NHL15.

Mika Rahko

- Co-Founder

Mika is the multi-talented Game Developer and Executive Producer previously from Rovio Entertainment, where he was a programmer before quickly taking over product lead roles. Recently he was in charge of taking the slingshot birds to new dimensions with Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Transformers.

In his latest role he was overseeing production for all of Rovio’s external development.

Crossfit champion in 2035, unless he forgets to get the membership.


Coding / Arts / Design..

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